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We are fast growing organization with exciting young people looking to make a huge impact in our community. In order to accomplish this goal we need lots of help. We need people that want to engage in the community and share their talents, skills, expertise and time. Share your vision with us! We have numerous opportunities for assistance.

We are looking for MyKingstonKids buddies!!

A MyKK Buddy is anyone that is community driven, wants to better the lives of children and others and can assist in the following areas:

  • Administrative (Phone calls, data entry)
  • Marketing & Promotion (attend events, flier/poster distribution, vend at events, social media management) 
  • Event assistant (hands on various areas of event production)
  • Manager/Committee Leader (lead designated committees, oversee positions at events)
  • Media (photographer or videographer, editor, journalist)
  • Design (graphic designer, artist, website assistance)
  • Educator (program coordinator, teacher, instructor)
  • I'm open to whatever is available. :)

People who qualify as a MyKingstonKids Buddy

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Business Professionals
  • Educators
  • Students (Usually between 12 - 17 unless younger ages are suggested)
  • Community leaders
  • Singles

Students: We ask that all registrants are 18 years and older. Younger volunteers are accepted but you will need your parent to sign up and contact us about your participation at 845-282-0182 or mykkbuddy@mykingstonkids.com.

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