Kids Fest

Kids Fest at a glance

Within only three years we have changed the lives for hundreds of families and have provided children with something great to look forward to that could replace some of their hardships if only on this one special day.

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The Kids Fest Breakdown

Here's a bit of what makes our MyKingstonKids Fest so spectacular and memorable.

Themed Tea Party

The Tea Party is a Kids Fest favorite that welcomes children to enjoy fun activities, eat amazing desserts, drink tea and wear costumes.

Kid Focused Workshops

Children have an opportunity to choose between a variety of workshops that include ice cream making, building, crafts, magic lessons and more.

Youth Art Show

Art makers from all ages get a chance to display their best work for the public to witness. We welcome schools, individuals and organizations from all over Kingston to join.

Grand Finale Performance

Each Kids fest ends with a grand finale performance that will engage our audience of children and adults alike. Past performances have included a championship Double Dutch Team, Willie Wonka and a grand Magic show.

Musical Performances

The Kingtson and Hudson Valley area are full of fantastic performers and talents from all ages and backgrounds. We guarantee a fantastic show and work hard to connect with acts that are family friendly and engaging.

MyKingstonKids Dance Party

DJ Frankie Bones provides an excellent dance party that gets kids up and excited to move their bodies. The music is always kid friendly, parents love it and it's so much fun to watch. Poppy The Panda participates as well with an extra push to keep the children happy and motivated.

Totally FREE

Money will not stop children from enjoying a day of happiness at the MyKingstonKids Fest. All workshops and activities are totally free of charge with the help of our sponsors, donors and the community.

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Your Membership Means Everything

Your small investment of less than $5 per month allows our events and programs to stay free or at very low cost. Invest in the happiness and imagination of a child today.